This website seeks to redefine standards in news delivery systems to align with the information needs of a modern news consumer that is young, bright, literate with a global worldview.
It is part of the news media ecosystem, but built on an architecture that recognizes that the majority of readers and audiences by default, consume news, views and opinions a little differently from our industrial age assumptions.
The Editor is independent of the individual members of its constituency, but in everything else, part of the collective whole.
In Africa, our national society stands out for its firm attachment to its genuine, original colourful culture and traditions. It is an identity of a large section of the population that is content sitting on the cultural grass mat and occasionally breaking out in cultural song and dance and content with that level of thinking. This is the side of the national identity that drives the narrative that defines the nature of the people. Yet this is not the only side. Eswatini is part of a global cultural community and economically linked to the rest of the world. Emaswati have a duel identity that confounds. One moment they will be found beautiful in colourful dress, beads and feathers on their heads. The next moment they are off jet-setting and sampling the world’s offering. Somewhere is a middle-ground that is reflective of the economic and cultural realities of the majority.
Eswatini has an adult literacy rate of 88.4% of which literacy of the age group 15-24 is a high 95.47%. Emaswati are well educated, literate and many lettered. This platform seeks to tap into this pool of brains and inspire intelligent conversation and narrative that can help illuminate and hopefully dissolve barriers to national development and free arrested economic growth.
The community is a consumer society. It is are a small but discerning. Spending significantly on news and information, on smart communications accessories and on data because they associate with the global community. They wear designer watches and when opportunities avail, even go abroad, shopping in the malls of the region in Mozambique and South Africa.
This platform seeks to provide news and information that will resonates with the Swati-centricity of this community, and provide a forum for sharing news, ideas and views at a level of comfort.
Readers and audiences will find the platform seamlessly integrated with their existing experiences. It is an agile platform that intuitively reaches out to readers and audiences where they are while being comfortably accessible from wherever readers may be.
Readers will automatically receive news alerts via social media, enabling news, views and experience-sharing with colleagues, partners, friends and loved ones wherever they may be.
Welcome to the new normal.


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