Home Business Port of Maputo registers drop in cargo in transit

Port of Maputo registers drop in cargo in transit


The PORT of Maputo recorded a 13 percent reduction in the volume of cargo in transit, in the period between January and August this year, the majority coming from neighboring South Africa, the main user of that infrastructure, with emphasis on ores, such as chromium and iron. Thus, Porto handled 8.1 million tons of cargo in transit in 2019, against 7.0 million this year, something that could compromise the established goals. The turnover of the Port of Maputo has started to decline since the “lockdown” was instituted in South Africa, last March, a measure aimed at halting the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in both countries. Read original article at https://www.jornalnoticias.co.mz/index.php/economia/99099-porto-de-maputo-regista-queda-de-carga-em-transito


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