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SA “building” concrete border with southern Mozambique?


SOUTH Africa is reportedly building a wall along its southern the border with Mozambique. News about the wall began to appear three years ago, in 2017, but at the time the South African government denied the possibility of doing so. However in March this year, reports of plans to build the wall resurfaced.

This measure, according to informed sources, is to combat smuggling of goods. Some reports that construction of the wall has already started, and a cost around five million euros suggested.

It is said that the plan is to construct a wall starting from the edge of the Isimangaliso Wetlands Park and end on the western edge of the Tembe Elephant Park.

However the Mozambique government says it has not been formally informed of the construction of the fence wall.

Mozambique Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Verónica Macamo told Radio Mozambique she has heard informally of the fence from media reports.

She told Radio Mozambique on the sidelines of the 75th anniversary of the United Nations: “I saw it through the press, I still haven’t received any official communication from South Africa and I believe that when this is actually being done, or before it is done, we should know about it. in principle frontier is frontier. Frontier is not a problem; it is good that our borders are getting stronger and stronger, even to defend ourselves from various problems, such as the problem of terrorism, among others. In itself, the border problem is not a problem, but I really would not like to comment, because I have not yet received any official information. So after receiving, we will sit down with our South African brothers and see how it will really work … etc … etc, .. ‘, she stressed.

The United Nations’ 75th anniversary celebrations were marked by days of planting 75 trees along the avenue of the United Nations. You can see the original article athttps://plataformamedia.com/en/2020/10/15/south-africa-builds-wall-on-border-with-mozambique/


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