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Parliament dissolution almost certain in July


The King is almost certain to dissolve Parliament on 11th July, setting the stage for Eswatini’s general elections on 27 September.

Voter registration which began on 10 May 10 was extended to 24 June after a sudden final spurt of voter interest. But the voters’ roll validation is hitting a major snag with a countrywide outcry about a faulty voter registration system that has failed to capture voters.

In Parliament this week, Minister of Justice Pholile Shakantu allayed fears that the electronic voter registration system had compromised the credibility of the voters’ role.

The constitution requires the King of Swaziland, Mswati lll to dissolve Parliament, setting the stage for a three stage elections process. Under Eswatini’s non-party system, local communities nominate candidates who subsequently compete in a primary election. Representatives of local communities then compete at a constituency level secondary election to choose the Member of Parliament.

King Mswati lll has summoned a national meeting at the royal kraal on 11 July and is widely anticipated to dissolve Parliament and appoint a caretaker Prime Minister. Cleopas Dlamini who has been Prime Minister since 2021 is expected to retain his position when Parliament is formed in October. JM/30.7.23


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