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The Editors Forum has developed a structured programme that seeks to guide an orderly
development of its members and institution. The current programme that covers 2017-
2022 was approved at the SEF Bi-Annual General Meeting (BGM) in Pigg’s Peak 16-18
December 2016.
The programme forms the basis any engagements with partners.
It supports 5 (five) thematic areas.

Press Freedom and human rights

Supporting independence of the watchdog: Freedom of Speech and Press Freedom are usually
the first casualty in an erosion of democratic values.

Membership development and institutional capacity building

1. Institutional capacity building for a vibrant professional programme promoting a
quality forum and fully engaged membership united under a common purpose of press

Ethics and self-regulation

3.1 Ethical practice – Journalistic respect for good citizenship and ethical practice as the
pillars for the principles and….

Access to information promoted

4.1 Access to information – to seek improved access to information at all levels of
Swaziland society and to promote diversity of media and sources of information across
all media genres available all regions.
4.2 Quality of information – Improved flow of information within and between
communities and increased the quantity and quality in exchange of intercommunity and
interregional news and information.

Research, Continuous Learning and development

5.2 Education and training – to seek Improved credibility and accuracy of news content
resulting from evidence based application of analytical tools in the qualitative and
quantitative processing of information